Once upon a tough taraw cliff achieved!

Taraw Cliff is a big live stone rocks in el nido seeing the overlooking view of the town. It is the highest peak in town and the most prominent figure resembling a fortress.

To some, this is just another activity and scenery to enjoy but to the more adventurous of spirits. This is another opportunity for a thrilling, totally nerve-wracking experience. After all what awaits atop the cliff is absolutely rewarding which makes it totally worth all the pain.

Here’s the set-up on how to climb the Taraw cliff: A day before, me and and my girlfriend are planning to do some other sort of activities in el nido since we already done Touring the two most high demand island tours in el nido (Tour A & C). Since I have a friend there, we ask for a good advise.

He told us to hike the Taraw Cliff, My girlfriend doesn’t have any idea what it is. From our accommodation (Bill Tourist Inn), we can see a high stunning rock formations and friend Jheson Perez told me one of them is the taraw cliff.

We woke up so early @ 5am and then we started the trek. From my friends advise, he told us to bring lots of water because it will take 1.5 hours till we reach the very top. Good thing, at that early there’s an open store nearby so we can buy some waters.

From the start, you will see from the rock formations that it will not going to be that easy to climb, since it is dark. Taraw is no joke unlike other mountains where you will start trekking along grasslands and woodlands.

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  1. mattylamitar says:

    Wow! Great Shot!


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